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Finest Dining Cruise


From 2 to 34 guests

Monforte is the only sailboat in Aruba allowing you to cruise alongside the coast, while enjoying exquisite food, cooked live on board.

You will be greeted at the Pelican Pier by a glass of sparkling wine (or more), then, on board an Open bar and great cocktails will start your evening.

Monforte luxury cruise will sail very smoothly to Arashi Beach then anchor for a four-course dinner to be served.

Sail back to Palm Beach to the beat of Caribbean Music.

Price starts at US$149 per person for a 3 hour dinner experience.

You may also want to experience a 5 hours Luxury Lagoon Cruise, including lunch and snorkeling activities, starting at US$139.

Monforte welcomes individuals, AGES 18+, as well as private parties.

Capt. Paul's Opinion

I took my wife to dinner on board Monforte for her Birthday.

We both had a blast. The friendliness of the Crew which takes care of any wish you have, the smooth sailing experience to the best of Aruba's beaches. The 5 stars dinner, served in porcelain, agremented by excellent wines or cocktails, or both.

The wonderful sunset while at sea.

An amazing experience that you must try while in Aruba.


Monforte - Luxury Dining Cruise Aruba

Monforte - Luxury Dining Cruise Aruba

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