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Pricing - Ariani

Red SeaBob
Ariani, luxury yacht with jetski option
ariani luxury yacht seabob option

Prices excluding snacks and alcohol

(Prices are for up to 10 guests. additional passengers will incur a charge)
Odd hours are also possible.


Water, soft drinks and ice always available for free.
You are free to bring your own cold food and alcohol or choose our Catering Offer by Capt. Paul.

Catering offer

Pick up the food and alcohol you want to enjoy during your cruise, pay for it. It will be delivered to Ariani before you sail away.

Add 2 SeaBobs or 1 jet-ski
for $300 per hour of usage

You will only be charged for the time you use the Seabobs or jet-ski. Not while they sit on Ariani's deck The hourly charge is for either 2 SeaBobs or 1 Jet-ski. You can rent both but the clock runs separately.

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