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Pricing - Ariani

Red SeaBob
Ariani, luxury yacht with jetski option
ariani luxury yacht seabob option

Prices excluding snacks and alcohol

(Prices are for up to 10 guests. additional passengers will incur a charge)
Odd hours are also possible.


Be Free on Ariani: BYOB

Water, soft drinks and ice always available for free.
Just bring whatever you like to drink and not what the most charters will force or limit on you.

Add 2 SeaBobs or 1 jet-ski
for $300 per hour of usage

You will only be charged for the time you use the Seabobs or jet-ski. Not while they sit on Ariani's deck The hourly charge is for either 2 SeaBobs or 1 Jet-ski. You can rent both but the clock runs separately.

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