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Private Snorkeling
"Chill Out"



Go snorkel where nobody else goes

What could be better than a refreshing VIP, private, snorkel boat tour on our always warm island, Aruba arround the coast off Palm or Eagle beach! Exploring the underwater life in the beautiful ocean is a wonderful and refreshing experience.

The sea water has an average of 26 degrees and it is wonderful to snorkel and swim in the clear blue water. The ocean is beautiful clear for snorkeling so you have a good view. Watching the enchanting underwater life is a wonderful experience with hundreds of different fish such as a parrot fish, puffer fish, rainbow fish and imperial fish.

The shorter snorkel boat trips from 2 hours will take you to Boca Catalina, Arashi, Tres Trapi or the shipwrecked SS Antilla depending on how the wind is at sea. We would like you to enjoy your trip optimally and we therefore we'll look at how the conditions are on the scheduled day to take you to the best location(s).

If you'd like to see more of the underwater world and you've always wanted to dive once we can do a combi trip of snorkeling and a discovery dive for which you do not need a diving license. This dive will take place under the guidance of one of our Padi certified instructors. A combination of people who only want to snorkel and some who want to experience diving is therefore possible.

Trip starts from the Beach next to the West Deck restaurant in Oranjestad.

Water and soft drinks are included, as well as snorkeling equipment. BYOB allowed.


Capt. Paul's Opinion

You don't always need a big boat to have fun.

Chill Out is a great boat for a family tour. It is easy for kids to get in and out, then snorkel around the boat.

You can also enjoy Chill Out with your preferred One, cocktails in hand, for a romantic duo trip.


Family trip on Chill Out
Father daughters cruise
Friendly Sunset on Chill Out
Chill-Out Sailing
Chill Out Space
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