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Luxury Cruise


Luxury Cruising has a name in Aruba:

Eden Luca



Looking for a smart looking boat to go cruising Aruba's coast?

Rent a luxury private 45ft boat from 3 hours to a full day including an experienced captain and crew to chill out on the Caribbean Sea with your family and friends.
This is the way to Cruise!

Eden Luca has a large sunroof where you can sit around drinks and a huge mattress on the front deck to suntan while at sea. There is also plenty of shade and a beautiful, air conditioned, salon so you can relax in the cool. 

During this boat trip you can undertake various activities on the water such as natural chilling and sunbathing on the boat: snorkeling, swimming.

For 4 pax;

The trip includes:

2 bottles alcoholic drinks (see information below)

Various types of juice and carbonated drinks (soft drinks), water & ice

Snack platter (Cold snacks with meat, cheese and fruits) for 4 people

Beach towels, Snorkel equipment, Paddle board.


Mix & match your alcoholic beverage:

You can choose 2 bottles of alcohol, which you may compose from the following options:

- Bottle Tito's Vodka 

- Bottle rum: Captain Morgan or Bacardi or Malibu 

- Bottle tequila 750ml: Jose Cuervo (blanco/silver or reposado)   

- Wine (only white/rose: sauvignon blanc, Pinot Grigio or chardonnay)

Please note: We don't serve red wine on board! 


Other alcoholic beverages with a supplement: 

We can offer: Piña colada or Rum punch cocktail. At this moment we don't offer any other kind of cocktails    

"Moët & Chandon" Champagne 

- Brut Imperial: $125 per bottle.

- Ice Imperial: $145 per bottle

- Regular champagne (not Moet): $99



Upgrade to a barbeque for $49 p/p, choose from:

- Meat: chicken or beef on a skewer or hamburger with potato salad & fresh vegetables (*)


- Fish: Salmon with potato salad & fresh vegetables (*)


(*)You can choose 2 pieces of meat or fish, or a mix.


(*)You can choose 2 pieces of meat or fish, or a mix.


Capt. Paul's Opinion

My first choice for a luxury, motor yacht, cruise.

There are not a lot of really luxury, private, charter boats in Aruba.

Eden Luca is probably the best. She has been entirely refitted by her owner over a year in 2021/2022. She is now ready to accommodate you, your partner, your friends or family for a unique experience.

Be aware you may end up on many Instagram accounts while cruising along Aruba's coast.


Snacks available


Eden Luca private charter aruba

Eden Luca private charter aruba

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