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Capt. Paul's Aruba Best Charters

The Old Man
& the Sea

An unending story of Love


Come share a few hours with Captain Ricardo.

He will tell you about his love for the sea, for his wife and for his boat, "Sarita".

This is a Romantic cruise to an other way of living, sharing moments with friends, relaxing to the sound of the wind in the sails and the sea on the hull.

The price is US$240 per hour with up to 8 passengers included.

Ice, water and sodas are provided for free.



Maximum 8 passengers.

Capt. Paul's Opinion

Sarita is not your usual charter boat. She has a soul!

You will choose her if you really are into sailing and sharing old stories with her Captain, Ricardo.

She is definitely not as convenient as a catamaran to get in and out or get into the water for swimming, but she offers a beautiful experience.


Sarita in Varadero Aruba
Ricardo & Sarita
Sarita & Ricardo
Sarita in Varadero
Sarita Sailing
Sarita friends
Captain Ricardo, Sarita
Relaxin on Sarita's deck
Sarita, an experience for all
Sarita, a Time Travel Machine




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